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Patch test

For some products we advise our customers to first do a patch test. This is a test which will show you if you could have an irritation or allergic reaction to one of our products. 


How to execute a patch test? 

Place a small amount of product on the inside of the arm, behind the ear or on the wrist. Let this soak in for about 10 minutes.

*If within this 10 minutes a severe irritation appears then please remove the product immediately with lukewarm water. 

Remove the product after 10 minutes with lukewarm water. If there is no irritation on the skin then you're safe to use the product. 

Note: redness around the area of the patch test is always able to show after you remove the product. Let this rest for 5 minutes, and it should be gone. You're safe to use the product. 



For the Pink Detox Mask we advise you to strictly follow the rule of not tanning after the first and second time you use the mask. Wait for 2 days before you tan again. By tanning we mean only sun beds. 

The Pink Detox Mask reduces the pigmentation in your skin, and if you go tanning too fast the pigment can be disturbed which can cause to produce extra pigmentation.