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You don't always need expensive products to get your skin beautifully shiny. Sometimes the simple tips are best. In this blog we teach you how you can easily take good care of your skin and moisturize it. Please note, you always have to give something time to actually experience the result.



1. WATER. Your body consists of at least 65% water. The total% moisture you consist of depends on your weight, age and height. If you drink too little water, you will dry out. The more balanced you drink water every day, the better you will get hydrated. And so also your skin. The recommendation is normally to drink about 2 liters of water every day.


2. Use a skin cream with SPF in it. Sun does a lot of damage to the skin every day. You will only experience this in the longer term because you get hyperpigmentation in some places. The sun also dries out your skin. SPF is therefore extremely important. Also where there is only shade is radiation from the sun. So you are exposed all day long!


3. VITAMIN C , you can take this in tablet form or oil form. Note with an oil form, the concentrate of vitamin C must be high and the other ingredients lower. When you take vitamin C in tablet form you will never get too much. You pee out the remaining vitamin C again. It does take at least 3 months before you experience results. This is because the body has to absorb the vitamin C and the body has to work for it to get results. 


4. SLEEP. Your body only rests completely in your sleep. From the age of 21 you need an average of 6 to 8 hours of sleep a day. If you are under 21 then you have a little more need for sleep. And that's good too. Because your body only restores itself in your sleep. That is why you want to sleep a lot after a fall or if you feel sick. If you regularly sleep at the same time and wake up regularly at the same time, your body and therefore your skin will become more stable.


5. Remove your makeup before going to sleep. If you already have bad skin or if you easily get pimples, do not sleep with your makeup on! We all understand that it is sometimes so tiring to clean everything after a nice night out. But it is really worth it !! Now take that minute to only clean your face with a Bubble Foam for example. An easy cleanser for your skin that also penetrates deep into the bottom layer of skin in less than 1 minute. Get rid of that makeup in the evening !!


6. Use a detox mask regularly. This helps you to cleanse your skin from the deeper layer of the skin. If you only clean superficially, you will not always progress in the longer term. The occasional pink clay detox mask helps you with this. You will see that in the longer term you have a much more beautiful and shiny skin.


7. Change your pillowcase every other day. During your sleep you sweat and you may also drool a bit haha. Your pillowcase is actually a source of bacteria. And you really don't want to lie on this every day for a week. Especially if you know that all kinds of fungi and microorganisms are alive in the pillowcase. So wash it every other day. Your skin will thank you


8. Do not smoke. Smoking is so bad for all your organs, but also for your skin! Your skin quickly wrinkles and you look older than you actually are. There are plenty of options to quit and get help for this. No addiction is good. And this is very bad for your skin. 


9. Alcohol. After smoking there is also alcohol. 2 things that are simply very bad for the body in the end. Sometimes a glass of wine is okay. But a glass of wine every other day or every day is disastrous for the skin.


10. REST! We get it, you work hard, you may have to take care of your children and keep up with the household. But take your rest! You have 1440 minutes per day. Why not take 30 minutes to yourself? You are worth it! And your skin will also get much better due to the rest and relaxation. Let’s give it a go girl!!