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Skincare routine for the mornings - easy steps

A skincare routine, it is best for your skin to get used to something. But what are the steps? We explain it to you step by step.



STEP 1 Use A Bubble Foam.

Start the morning by cleaning your face with a bubble foam. This is a deep cleansing cleanser that removes all dirt from the skin.


STEP 2: Moisturize your skin with a cream that suits your skin type.

Make sure it contains an spf.


STEP 3: Apply an eye cream.

For example, the gold serum elixir that keeps your skin hydrated for 24 hours.


STEP 4: Apply a tanning spray to your face.

For example, Marc Inbane spray is easy to use and works within 5 minutes. It adapts to 1 shade darker than your own skin tone.


STEP 5: Apply your makeup now

Applying your makeup over the hydrated layers you've already applied it the best thing you could do. Because the makeup itself can't soak in to your pores straight away. 


STEP 6: Use your 24 hour spray for over your makeup.

This keeps everything intact and hydrated.