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How to get clear skin in 3 days - 11 quick tips to get you started

Who doesn’t want to have a clear skin. It gives you a glow and makes you shine more in daily life than anything else. Trying out lots of products and spend hundreds of dollars / euros aren't the way to go. How to get clear skin overnight? Or how to get clear skin fast? Here are 11 tips to fix your skin and get your skin clear and glowy. 


1. Change your pillowcase every other day

Lots of people love to sleep for hours and hours. But during your sleep you sweat a lot. Your pillowcase will also contain dust mites and dead skin cells. Not much fun to lay on all these hours, and it definitely touches your skin as well. Your skin will get irritated by all these bacterias and could catch an infection. 

We would advise you to take a satin pillowcase. Satin is a natural resistance to dust mites, fungi, among many other allergens. Silk is also very good for remaining healthy hair. This is the way to get clear skin within 3 days. 


2. Use a clay mask weekly

According to certified NYC dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman clogged pores are turning into pimples, and the only thing that really helps preventing or removing this would be a clay detox mask. Clay masks draw out impurities and deeply cleanse the complexion. Make sure you use a clay mask the right way. Detoxification takes some time but it’s totally worth it! We advise you to use this clay mask  PINK DETOX MASK  

This mask really does it all for your skin: 


  • Support and help remove pimples and acne

  • Reduces pores in the skin
  • Reduces skin inflammation
  • Cleans contaminated skin
  • Optimally hydrates the skin
  • Makes the skin shiny and healthy



    3. Keep your makeup brushes clean 

    The last thing you want to do is put anything on your face by using a dirty brush. And a makeup brush actually already gets dirty after 1 time of using it. Buying new brushes is so much more expensive than keeping your brush clean. Also make sure that you clean the brush you apply your clay mask with or any other product. 

    How to keep your makeup brush clean? Put your makeup brush in hot water with a bit of soap. Make sure you press the hairs of brush down and make a rotation motion. Let it dry and you can use them again. Fresh & clean. 


    4. Use a base for your makeup 

    This is a mistake that is made by loads of people still each day. Never put your makeup directly on to your face! This way the makeup will soak in to the bare skin and it will make your skin cloggy and oily. And to get a clear skin this is not the way. 

    But what can you use as a base before you apply makeup? 

    1. Your hydrating lotion 
    2. A prep & prime fix spray
    3. A gold serum Elixir 
    4. Or a vitamine C serum 

    Your hydrating lotion would be obvious. But to get a clear skin you want to make sure that the lotion you use actually works for your skin type. Some lotions are to greasy or to oily. This is what you want to avoid. 

    A prep & Prime fix spray can help you make a base layer on your skin. Just spray a bit in zigzag movement and let it dry for 1 minute. Because you’re making a base layer, the makeup that you apply actually holds on better and doens’t dry out. 

    A Gold Serum Elixir. This is a hydration oil that contains actual gold in it. Gold stimulates the process of collagen. It hydrates your skin and activates your blood circulation. All dry areas will be hydrated and glowy. 

    What a Gold Serum Elixir also does for the skin:


    • Gives a glowing, youthful skin
    • Slows down collagen depletion
    • Prevents premature skin aging and wrinkles
    • Improves skin elasticity
    • Stimulates skin cells making them firm
    • Improves blood circulation
    • Fades areas of hyperpigmentation
    • Hydrates dry areas

    It’s the best way to make a base layer on your skin before applying makeup. Want to check out the best gold serum elixir? That has 99% customer satisfaction! Check out the Gold Serum Elixir


    5. Avoid greasy and fried food 

    I think everybody knows fried and fat food is not good for your skin at all. It gives you the opposite of a clear skin. Your diet really matters if you want to have a clear skin. Try to eat healthy, diverse and not too much sugar / fat / or fried food. 

    To get clear skin you can also eat fish, avocado’s, walnuts, tomatoes, broccoli etc. 


    6. Don’t use any sunscreen

    From time to time we all know we have to use sunscreen to protect our skin. But the usual sunscreen for your body might not work so well for your face. This because the skin on your body can handle a lot more than the pores on your skin can. 

    Thus to actually get a clear skin avoid using sunscreen on your face. Rather choose for something like a skincare product that contains a SPF starting from 15. If you don’t want it to really soak in to the skin then add a base layer on your skin first. See No. 4 of this blog. 


    7. Avoid touching your face 

    You’ll probably underestimate how many times a day you would actually touch your face with your fingers. And with these fingers you also touch everything else during the day. So you can imagine that touching your face wouldn’t be the best way to get a clear skin. 


    8. Don’t apply a greasy lotion for your face 

    As we discussed at the sunscreen part (which is normally very greasy) don’t apply a greasy lotion to your face. You don’t want your pores to get clogged. And by adding greasy lotion it’ll get clogged. For a clear skin you really have to know what type of lotion you can use. Maybe go to a skincare shop and try out some lotions and get some advice. 


    9. Don’t just use any face wash / cleanser 

    A face cleanser can contain lots of different ingredients affecting the surface of your skin. Choose a face wash that deeply penetrates into the skin to clean not only the surface but also the deeper lying areas of your skin. 

    If you still look for a cleanser try a bubble foam. The foam gets bubbles to gain more oxygen for the skin. It’s easy to clean your skin with and doesn’t dry the surface out. 



    10. Do not pop them pimples 

    We know how tempting it is to pop a pimple. Maybe also because you don’t really like walking around with them. We know the struggle… But having pimples can be a cause of eating not healthy, hormones, the wrong skincare, or keep popping them and infecting other areas. So to get over a period like this you just have to find out what’s best for your skin. Make sure your diet is healthy + try out a detox clay mask and hydrating lotions. 

    Whenever you do the above; the remaining thing is to only not pop pimples when they get bigger. We see it like this:

    The less you actually touch or squeeze in your face = the healthier your skin gets by taking time and letting mother nature work this out for you! 


    11. Before going to bed remove your makeup! 

    I know lots and lots of people who don’t do this every night… And it’s actually such a minor thing to do. Not removing your makeup after a long day clogs your skin, and as we mentioned above this is not the way to get a clear skin! So a little reminder from us to you: just take that 1 minute of the full 1440 minutes you get in a day, to clear your skin by removing your makeup and hydrating your skin before taking a nap.