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In addition to needing a skincare routine for the morning, you definitely need one for the evening. Before you go to sleep it is important to clean your skin well and prepare it for the night. You sweat a lot at night and your skin needs help to be able to deal with all bacteria. Do you want your skin to stay healthy and glowing? Then stick to the morning and evening routine.

STEP 1: cleanse your face with the bubble foam 

we keep telling you. Cleaning is so important! Don't underestimate it. But you have to clean with the right products. When a remover is too oily and leaves an oil layer, your skin will just clog. 

STEP 2: rinse your face with warm water

We advise you this because water removes all bubble foam. If you clean your skin with warm water, your pores open. And you need open pores for the next step. 

STEP 3: apply every other day the pink detox mask

To thoroughly and deeply clean the skin, it is best to use a detox clay mask. All the dirt from the skin will come up, and after a number of uses of the mask (on average 2 x) you will see that the blemishes and hyperpigmentation are out of the skin. Check out our advise for the pink detox mask. It’s so worth it!! 

STEP 4: apply a gold serum elixir to hydrate the skin 

You can use a golden serum elixir on dry spots or thin skin. This helps boost the collagen in the skin. The blood circulation is stimulated by the real gold which is in the elixir. Your skin absorbs this product all night long.

STEP 5: apply your night creme 

Make sure to use a night cream that suits your skin type exactly. Get advice from experienced beauticians. 


Now you are good to go.. Night Night :)