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How to use a detox pink clay mask for dry hair

Do you suffer from dry and coarse hair? Then a detox clay mask is the solution for your problems! Which mask do you need? Read it here ...

What does clay do for your hair?

Clay has a detoxifying effect on your scalp and hair, after use it will also protect the scalp against bacteria and oil. If you have a dry scalp it does not immediately mean that you have too little oil. It simply means that you have too little moisture and therefore need more moisture, and let clay provide just that support. Pink clay helps to maintain and maintain the moisture balance. By detoxifying your scalp and hair with a pink clay mask, you also ensure that you hardly need any shampoo when you wash your hair. So you only have to withdraw a clay mask every now and then (about 20 minutes) and rinse and apply conditioner.


Which clay mask is suitable for dry hair?

Do you have porous and dry hair? Then a clay mask gives a fantastic effect, but of course you have to apply the right type of clay. Otherwise it is still of no use.

Make sure to use a detox clay mask that contains Kaolin clay. See mask example

How do you apply a clay mask in your hair?

  1. Wet your hair with warm water, then pat it to dry the towel. (Heat opens the hair shaft)
  2. Apply the detox clay mask one by one.
  3. Massage the pink detox clay mask on the scalp or where you suffer from dryness.
  4. Especially apply a lot of mask on your dry points.
  5. Put all your hair together and place it in a clip.
  6. Leave the mask on for a minimum of 20 minutes and a maximum of 40 minutes.
  7. Rinse the mask and wash the hair with conditioner without sulfates.
  8. Apply a protector and dry the hair or air dry.


You will immediately see and feel results after 1 time!

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Amazing results through clay mask in your hair

Dry and frizzy hair will soon experience the benefits of the detox and become shiny and healthy hair. The scalp that was dry will also be nourished and hydrated. In addition to a pink clay mask, make sure you also drink enough water and get moisture. Because everything in the body has to do with each other.

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