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Benefits Australian Pink Clay Mask

You must have seen it pass by. The Australian pink clay mask. It is extremely popular and the demand is high. But what does the pink clay mask actually do for your skin? What are the ingredients and does it really work as everyone seems to show? What does a pink clay detox mask do? A detox mask actually removes all impurities from the deeper layer of the skin. Normally you will lose a lot of treatments with a beautician from an average of around 60-80 euros to do the work with peels, which a pink clay mask can also do.A detox mask not only ensures that the impurities are removed. It also ensures that the pigment is up to standard, so if you suffer from hyperpigmentation (spots where you see spots in the face that turn darker than other spots), this will slowly disappear due to the detox mask. That is why we always advise you not to sit in the sun too much, or to go under the sunbed in the first phase of using izzi detox mask.If you suffer from acne, this is also seen as impurity and it will gradually disappear. After the first use of the pink detox mask you will already see results.IZZI Detox mask contributes to the stimulation of the collagen. It ensures that the skin is stimulated in the production of collagen. And collagen again makes the skin hydrated and shiny. A detox mask in pink. What is it actually? And why is it pink? A clay is used in the IZZI Beauty pink detox mask. This clay is naturally pink. Pink Kaolin Clay is the name of this. It ensures that excess oil is removed from the skin. People with fairly oily skin will therefore suffer less from oily skin after using the IZZI detox mask.But also kaolin clay is especially for people with sensitive to very sensitive skin. So even if you suffer from eczema.If you have eczema, we recommend that you only use the mask twice a week. And also to perform a patch test before you start. Process of izzi pink detox clay mask All beauty rituals are a process, including the pink detox mask. A detox comes from within. The body must therefore work with ingredients that are applied ensure that the skin is cleaned from the inside. It does this by including the ingredients of the pink detox mask. As we just explained, this is a process. You will see results immediately after the first treatment.We will explain the steps:After using the IZZI detox mask 1 or 2 times, it may be that impurities are lifted. The skin may be slightly more sensitive, show more pimples or feel drier. This is because the skin still has to process that all impurities are pushed out of the skin, as it were.After using the IZZI detox mask 3 to 4 times, you will notice that impurities disappear and that the mask will do its job. Your skin may lighten in color if you have experienced pigmentation or redness from acne or pimples.After 4 to 5 weeks of using the IZZI detox mask you will notice that you are in the last phase of the mask. This means that most impurities are really gone. Pigmentation is relieved and the skin looks shiny. The skin will also feel soft and hydrated. So no more problems with dry skin.We do recommend that you use the IZZI detox mask in combination with the 24k Gold Serum Elixir and the Bubble Foam.The Bubble Foam first ensures that the skin surface is completely cleaned of oil and make-up. After that it is best to apply the detox mask. Because the skin has been cleaned for this, the detox mask can act equally strongly everywhere. Leave the mask on for about 15 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.When the skin is patted dry, you can apply the 24k gold serum. Gold is suckling for better blood circulation. And better blood circulation ensures that the skin moisturizes and glows. Pink detox clay mask benefits The pink detox mask from IZZI is for everyone. From oily to dry skin, from impure skin to sensitive skin. The mask supports every type of skin type.In addition, the mask is vegan, free from parabens and not tested on animals!With a jar of 120 grams you do about 2-3 months.As we explained the process, you can then maintain the skin by applying the mask twice a week. The skin will then remain in condition.   Benefits of the pink clay detox mask  Support and help remove pimples and acne Tightens pores in the skin Reduces skin inflammation Cleans contaminated skin Optimally hydrates the skin Makes the skin shiny and healthy   Want to try out the pink detox clay mask from IZZI?  Get it with a 25% discount code: SAVE25