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Vitamin C deficiency

When do you notice that you have a vitamin C deficiency in the skin? If the skin is not hydrated enough, the skin will feel tight, rough, stiff and dry. The skin can also have a matte glow while healthy skin shines.

A vitamin C deficiency can also be seen in redness in the skin. In order to properly balance the skin in terms of vitamins, a vitamin C serum is therefore required.

Even if your skin is much too oily or oily, you have a lack of vitamin C. Because balanced skin with sufficient vitamin C is not excessively dry / oily or oily.

Vitamin C for the skin

You have vitamin C in pill form, but also in oil. The second is of course for the skin. If you want to increase the vitamin C content to a correct level, the vitamin C in pill form is of course also an option. Yet this does not work optimally and in the same way as when you apply vitamin C serum directly where necessary.

Vitamin C serum face

Vitamin C serum for the face is becoming increasingly popular. This is because it gives a lot of benefits while it only requires a minimal amount of attention. You can experience immediate results once a day with the serum after 1 week of use. This is much faster than any other serum or skin care product. Of course, a 24k gold serum elixir also has a very fast effect, and you will experience the results after a few days of use. But the golden serum supports the skin in a different way. Wondering what the 24k gold serum does for your skin? Read it here >>>

In principle, you only need to apply a vitamin C serum once a day. You can use the serum twice a day if you want to see results faster, or just like to use it.

You can use the vitamin C serum as hydration. The serum is very nice under your make-up. It still absorbs well into the skin, and the make-up layer adheres more to the working ingredients than to the direct skin where it can penetrate. So you also maintain the balance of your oil / fat content in the skin. Because make-up directly on the skin will in the longer term be "more harmful" than not directly on the skin.

Is Vitamin C bad for the skin? 

If you start using the Vitamin C serums too young, it won't effect your skin later on. So you can use it preventively, but not from a early age. 

Your skin usually changes every 7 years. This will go on until an average age of 27 - 30. So around this  age it will be best to start using Vitamin C in your skincare. 

Nothing really is bad, until you use it too much and too ofter. So carefully read the advise of the products you've purchased. 


Does drinking vitamin C lighten skin?



Can vitamin C remove dark spots?

Reasons to add vitamin C to your skincare routine 

Vitamin C benefits (at a glance)

  • removes redness from the skin
  • anti-aging
  • moisturizes the skin
  • reduces the appearance of under-eye circles
  • stimulates collagen production
  • protects against sun damage
  • it generally helps to stimulate wound healing
  • brightens the skin
  • balancing oily skin

Does a vitamin C serum help against wrinkles in the skin?

The answer is YES! Vitamin C supports and stimulates the production of collagen. And this is exactly what you need now to prevent wrinkles (preventively). It literally counteracts skin aging.

In addition to all this, Vitamin C also has a positive effect on hyperpigmentation. This is the production of pigmentation in the skin by creating spots on the surface of dark color. Vitamin C helps to maintain the balance of the pigment, which is why vitamin C is also used as a sun protector.

Anyways, you cannot use enough Vitamin C serum! Literally; because vitamin C on the body / skin always absorbs and will never work against excessive use. So keep on lubricating!