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The benefits of a clay mask - All your questions answered

Clay Masks they are extremely populair. But do you feel like you've lost the answers to all of your questions? Then this is the right blog for you. We'll answer all the frequently asked question about clay masks. 

How many times a week should you do a clay mask for oily acne blemished skin?

So if you have a lot of oil in the skin, it is best to apply the mask 3 to 4 times during the first week. You'll give the skin a rest day every other day. This way your skin can remove all the excess oil through the detox. After that you can easily keep the clay mask 1 or 2 times a week. This keeps the oil balance up to standard. The skin becomes softer and smoother. It also gets a normal glow instead of an oil layer that you may have had a lot of trouble with before. 


After applying a mask, should I wash my face with a cleanser?

No, always use a cleanser, such as the bubble foam before you start. This way you remove all excess bacteria and oil residues before you start with the mask. The cleaner the skin before applying a mask, the better. If you do not clean the skin before applying a clay mask, the clay must first find a way through a dirty layer on your skin. That only backfires. Tip: when you have cleansed the skin with a cleanser, it is best to open the pores slightly by steaming the face. Do you want to know how to steam your face best? Read it here ..


What order do you apply skin care? How long should I wait to apply moisturizer?

The order for skincare is quit simple. It's always: clean, detox, hydrate. 

For IZZI Cosmetics it's:

  1. Cleanse with Bubble Foam
  2. Detox with Pink Clay Detox Mask 
  3. And hydrate with Gold Serum Elixir 

Don't leave your clay mask on too long. Maximum 15 minutes will be perfect. Longer than that you're skin might give a bad reaction to it. This is because detox clay masks are there to detox the skin. It's kind of like a peeling process. If you leave them on too long it will give your skin a red flaming reaction. In 15 minutes max the skin can already detox the right amount. 


After steaming my face, do I need to wash my face before applying my mask?

Usually you have to steam your face right after you've cleansed it. This is because steam will not get rid of the excess oil. So make sure you cleanse your skin first, and then steam! When the pores are open and your skin has calmed down, you can apply your detox mask. 

Can we apply make up after using face mask?

Yes you can. I mean if it's necessary than of course you can. But please hydrate your skin right after a mask. The Gold Serum Elixir can hydrate your skin, but is also used as a primer underneath your make up. This way your make up stay on longer as well. Just make sure you have calmed the skin down right after applying the mask. It needs a moment to heal. 

Can I apply moisturizer during pimple treatment?

If you are using the detox Clay Mask as a pimple treatment, which has shown amazing results by people with sufere acne. The acne should be gone within 1 -2 weeks. And during that time you can definitely apply moisturizer, but there is a consequence though. You need to know what type of moisturizer is suitable for your type of skin. If you're not sure how the product works or reacts to your skin, please do not use it. The last thing you want to have is a oily skin right afterwards. This will not be beneficial to your pimple treatment. All the hard work would be for nothing then. 

Why does my skin burn after I've applied moisturizer?

So if you've used a clay mask to detox, as we said before: it needs some time to heal right afterwards. This means your skin is working extremely hard to detox the skin from the deeper layers inside. If you might apply your moisturizer to quick it could burn. Give your skin a little break after the clay mask is removed, for about 5 minutes. This way the skin can calm down and when you'll apply your hydrating moisturizer after, it would not burn anymore. 


Should I apply a moisturizer and then spot treatment or the other way around?

First spot the treatment, and then moisturize. A moisturizer is always there to finish a treatment. So this means it will mostly come last. If you apply a layer of cream before you have to touch a certain spot, the product must first go through a greasy layer to eventually treat the spot. Not convenient.


Can I apply vitamin E oil with moisturizer?

Lots os moisturizers already contain Vitamin E oil. Vitamin E is partly added because it is good for the skin. It moisturizes the skin and maintains the moisture balance. It is not necessarily recommended to add pure vitamin E oil to your own moisturizer. If you would like a moisturizer with vitamin E, just look for that instead of trying to mix something yourself. Pure oil always reacts differently to a cream than a mixed oil in a cream.

Do you apply acne treatment before or after moisturizer?

Please apply the acne treatment before you use any moisturizer. As we have just explained, applying a cream that moisturizes the skin before you want to detox the skin is not beneficial to the process at all. First cleanse the face, then steam it to open the pores, then apply a detox to your pimples and only then moisturize.

Can I apply moisturizer immediately after face pack?

The skin will have to calm down after a detox clay mask. The skin has to work very hard to bring out all the impurities. This allows the skin after the clay mask to be red and feel warm. So make sure that from the moment you have removed the clay mask with warm water, you first give the skin 5 minutes to calm down. Only then apply moisturizer. 


How can I apply face mask after CTM process & when?

If you are using the CTM process which means: Cleansing, toning and moisturizing, please apply a detox clay mask after cleansing and toning and before moisturizing. Because: with cleansing you'll clean the surface of the skin, with toning you'll clean the excess oil and dirt from the skin extra, after that you can apply a detox mask to really go deep in to the skin. Give your skin a 5 minute break after you've removed the clay mask and then you'll be able to moisturize the skin. 

Can I apply moisturizer before applying Aloe Vera?

You can even use only a Aloe Vera gel of serum to hydrate the skin. It's not even necessary to use a moisturizer and a Aloe Vera gel. But if you want to know: it's fine to use a aloe vera gel or serum after you've applied moisturizer. Although keep in mind that Aloe Vera gel or serum does a lot to your skin, and you might just want to apply that first so it can soak in well enough.