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What do Clay Masks do for your skin?

Clay Masks are going worldwide. People are using lots of different types of clay masks. But the main question is, why should you use a clay mask? And what do clay masks do? We'll get there in a second..

What does a clay mask do for your skin 

A clay mask for skin removes all impurities from the deeper layer of the skin. Normally you will lose a lot of treatments with a beautician from an average of around 60-80 euros to do the work with peels, which a pink clay mask can also do.
A clay mask not only ensures that the impurities are removed. It also ensures that the pigment is up to standard, so if you suffer from hyperpigmentation (spots where you see spots in the face that turn darker than other spots), this will slowly disappear due to the detox clay mask. That is why we always advise you not to sit in the sun too much, or to tan in the first phase of using the IZZI detox clay mask.

If you suffer from acne, this is also seen as impurity and it will gradually disappear. After the first use of the pink detox mask you will already see results.

IZZI Detox mask contributes to the stimulation of the collagen. It ensures that the skin is stimulated in the production of collagen. And collagen again makes the skin hydrated and shiny.


Which clay mask is best for acne? 

There are different types of clay. The best clay mask for acne is a detox clay mask. And a detox in a clay mask is also caused by the use of Kaolin Clay. So choose a pink clay mask to take care of your acne. 

Next to the clay masks, it's also necessary to use good skincare products that suits your skin. If you suffer from a lot of acne, you'll definitely need a good facial cleanser as well, which is suitable for sensitive skin. If you pay attention to all the labels on skincare that's made for "sensitive skin" then it will probably work for your skin type. When you suffer from acne, the last thing you could use is a greasy or oily product which makes the impurities soaked in oil, which causes it to make it even worse. 


Why do clay masks make me break out? 

Clay masks are there to removes all impurities from the deeper layer of the skin. This means that all these impurities and infections in the skin will rise up to the surface of the skin. That's why acne sometimes gets worse for a couple days, and some redness will show. 

The thing you need to know is that you need to hold on! Cause we all know it's worse if your skin breaks out even more than before, but clay masks are made to do this. Otherwise there is no way you could really detox the full skin of your face. The impurities, acne and infections will actually be gone after about 1 week. So in the end it's not that bad! Just take some time to do this. Maybe in your holidays? If you really don't want anyone to see you like this. 

Can clay masks make acne worse? 

The detox actually makes the skin worse for a bit just like we explained above. So yes acne can get worse by using a clay mask. But again: it's meant to do this. So if you do not want to try a detox and be willing to actually break out first, then it will take you a lot of time and money to do peelings or anything like that to make your acne less worse. So it's either 1 week of extra impurities and a smooth & glowy skin right afterwards, or peelings which makes your skin actually peels off because of the peeling. Which is also not a nice look. 

How do clay masks work? 

All beauty rituals are a process, including the pink detox mask. A detox comes from within. The body must therefore work with ingredients that are applied ensure that the skin is cleaned from the inside. It does this by including the ingredients of the pink detox mask. As we just explained, this is a process. You will see results immediately after the first treatment.
We will explain the steps:
After using the IZZI detox mask 1 or 2 times, it may be that impurities are lifted. The skin may be slightly more sensitive, show more pimples or feel drier. This is because the skin still has to process that all impurities are pushed out of the skin, as it were.
After using the IZZI detox mask 3 to 4 times, you will notice that impurities disappear and that the mask will do its job. Your skin may lighten in color if you have experienced pigmentation or redness from acne or pimples.
After 4 to 5 weeks of using the IZZI detox mask you will notice that you are in the last phase of the mask. This means that most impurities are really gone. Pigmentation is relieved and the skin looks shiny. The skin will also feel soft and hydrated. So no more problems with dry skin.

So how to know if a clay mask is working?

If the impurities rise to the surface of your skin, and you see some red spots on your face, this means the clay mask is working. 



What do you put on your face after a clay mask?

The skin will have to calm down after a detox clay mask. Your skin has to work very hard to bring out all the impurities. This allows the skin after the clay mask to be red and feel warm. So make sure that from the moment you have removed the clay mask with warm water, you first give the skin 5 minutes to calm down. Only then apply moisturizer. 

Use a moisturizer that suits your skin type. If you have no idea what type of skin you have and what type of serums goes with that, take a skintype test!  TEST HERE 

For instance you can use the Gold Serum Elixir. It contains Vanilla to calm and soothe the skin right after any treatment. Perfect for after a clay mask. 


Do clay masks tighten skin?

The Vitamin A that the clay mask contains actually inhibits sebum production. As a result, the sebum becomes less and less. 

After you apply a clay mask, the clay will dry out and this tightens your face while it dries. The clay soaks up the oils in the skin and anything else that's clogging the pores and pushes it to the surface of the skin. So in this way you can consider that the mask tightens your skin. 


How often should you use a clay face mask?

We have listed the clay masks by type of skins / issues on the skin, this way you can see how many times you should use a clay mask decided by the type of your skin. 

Severe acne

Please use the pink detox clay mask the first week every other day. If your skin responds a little to harsh on it, then change it to 1 day a mask, 2 days rest, 1 day the clay mask, 2 days rest. Do this for a full week. 

During this week you can feel and see that all impurities will rise up into the skin unfortunately. But no worries, this is the actual process of the detox. So this means it works. 

After this week you can apply the clay mask 1 - 2 times a week. Until your severe acne is almost gone. To keep your smooth & glowy skin you can apply the mask 1 - 2 times a week. Changing it between one week 1 treatment, and another week 2 treatments is fine. 


When you have eczema your skin if very sensitive normally. Perform a patch test before you apply any type of clay mask. Use a clay mask once a week. If you feel like you have a uneven spot on your face, maybe treat that little spot 2 times a week. More often is probably not necessary. 

Oily skin

If you have a oily skin you would probably want to detox the hell out of it. Because the detox get's your hydration and oil level in balance again. Use the detox clay mask the first week for around 3 - 4 times. This way your skin can get used to a normal balanced oil level. 

After that week you can easily keep applying the mask for about 2 times a week. Your skin probably needs it, and it's also nice to make some time for yourself and get a rest. 

Dry skin

If you have a dry skin you need to be hydrating a little more. So next to giving your skin balance in hydration by applying a clay mask, you'll also want to drink a little bit more water. After a detox clay mask you have to drink more water to get rid of the impurities. 

Apply a clay mask when you have dry skin only the first week 2 times. Give your skin a break for 2 days. 

After this week you can see if you need it once a week or twice. It's up to different aspects:

  1. What type of environment are you in? Sunny, dry, cold, humid etc
  2. What type of other skincare do you use?
  3. What type of season are you in? 
  4. Are you in your period?

So keep in mind that every week could be different, and your skin needs a different type of treatment. So just play with it a bit, and see what type of change your skin is in at the moment and respond to that with the clay mask. 

Normal skin

First of all: you are lucky with your normal skin. Genetically you probably got a normal skin. You don't need much for your skin usually, since it's good with or without products. But to keep a glowy and smooth skin you can apply the clay mask once or twice a week the first week and continuously keeping up with this. 


Are you curious what type of skin you have? Do the quiz! Click on the image below. 

How to apply a Pink Clay Mask

  1. Clean your face with a facial cleanser
  2. Dry the skin with a clean towel
  3. Steam your face with hot water 
  4. Let your skin dry for 3-5 minutes
  5. Apply the Pink Clay Mask with a clean brush
  6. Apply the mask wherever you have trouble with acne, or on the full face as a detox
  7. Leave the clay mask on for about 15 minutes maximum
  8. Rinse the mask off with lukewarm to warm water
  9. Pat dry your skin with a clean towel
  10. Apply a hydrating serum or moisturizer 5 minutes after you took the mask off 


How to remove a Clay Face Mask 

To remove your clay mask use a clean facecloth or small towel. You can use lukewarm to warm water to rinse it off. Try not to really scratch it off but gently remove the mask. 

After you've taken the clay mask off, you need to let your skin rest for about 5 minutes. Your skin can look a bit red, and feels maybe a bit warm or tingly. This is because the detox in the mask is doing it's work. 

That's why you don't want to over compensate your skin by applying all these moisturizing products straight away. Go for a break and moisturize after 5 minutes with a calm and soft type of serum to hydrate the skin. 

For instance you can use the Gold Serum Elixir. It contains Vanilla to calm and soothe the skin right after any treatment. Perfect for after a clay mask. 

Kaolin Clay face mask 

A clay is used in the IZZI Beauty pink detox mask. This clay is naturally pink, it's called Pink Kaolin Clay. It ensures that excess oil is removed from the skin. People with fairly oily skin will therefore suffer less from oily skin after using the IZZI detox mask.
But also kaolin clay is especially for people with sensitive to very sensitive skin. So even if you suffer from eczema.
If you have eczema, we recommend that you only use the mask twice a week. And also to perform a patch test before you start.


Kaolin clay skin benefits 

The pink detox mask from IZZI is for everyone. From oily to dry skin, from impure skin to sensitive skin. The mask supports every type of skin type.

In addition, the mask is vegan, free from parabens and not tested on animals!
With a jar of 120 grams you do about 2-3 months.

As we explained the process, you can then maintain the skin by applying the mask twice a week. The skin will then remain in condition.


Benefits of the pink clay detox mask 

  • Support and help remove pimples and acne

  • Tightens pores in the skin

  • Reduces skin inflammation

  • Cleans contaminated skin

  • Optimally hydrates the skin

  • Makes the skin shiny and healthy


Want to try out the pink detox clay mask from IZZI? 

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