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Real gold. We see it more and more often in the beauty industry. And besides that it looks very attractive, it must of course also have an effect on the skin. But what exactly does it do? In this blog we will answer all the main questions you might have!  

Is 24k gold good for the skin?

Gold! The ingredient that makes the skin shine again. Gold is very good for your skin. It ensures that the elasticity returns to the skin, stimulates circulation and produces collagen, which makes the skin shine again. So if you have dry or wrinkled skin, the gold in the elixir will make the skin tighter again.

When should I use 24k gold serum?

You can use 24k gold serum for every skin type. We always say preventive is better, but you can really start any time.

How do I use the 24k gold serum?

Cleanse your skin well every morning and evening. This ensures that dirt cannot accumulate on the skin, and thus possibly cause pimples or greases.
We recommend that you try the Bubble Foam. Bubble Foam is a vegan foam that removes all residual make-up and oil on the skin. So the skin gets a deep cleanser. Then you can moisturize the skin. You want to do that best with the gold serum elixir.
How do you use a gold serum? Apply the serum to the areas you would like to be more hydrated. Not only dry spots, but also wrinkles.

Use golden serum with sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, you cannot always use all skincare products. You should then pay close attention to what ingredients are added to the product. You're always in the right place with the IZZI Beauty Gold Serum Elixir. It is vegan and contains only the right products that stimulate the skin. Although you have sensitive skin, this golden serum elixir will be safe to use. If you really doubt whether you

can use the product? Then perform a patch test first. This is a test in which you know within 24 hours if you would have irritation or allergy for our cosmetic product.

Do you want to know how to do a patch test? Check it here >>>

Ingredients in the gold serum elixir

Water, 24k Gold Foil, Glycerol, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Astaxanthin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Arbutin, Tea Polyphenol, Propylene glycol, Betaine, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate, Allantoin, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Xanthan Gum, Diazolidinylurea, Methylparaben, Ethoxylated Hydrogenated Castar Oil, Fragrance, Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid Disodium Salt, Butanedione, Heliotropine. 


What are the benefits of these ingredients individually? We discuss them here

Water: is primarily used  in cosmetics and personal care products as a solvent in which it dissolves many of the ingredients that impart skin benefits. 

24k Gold Foil: 

  • Gives a glowing, youthful skin
  • Slows down collagen depletion
  • Prevents premature skin aging and wrinkles
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Stimulates skin cells making them firm
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Fades areas of hyperpigmentation
  • Hydrates dry areas


Glycerol: Glycerin is mainly improving the skin's smoothness and moisturizing the skin. It is a humectant (attracts moisture to the skin), naturally smoothing, and has a glowing effect on skin.  

Vitamin C: is an antioxidant, meaning it protects skin cells from damaging free radicals caused by UV exposure, it also prevents hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C benefits for skin: 

  • removes redness from the skin
  • anti aging
  • hydrates the skin
  • reduces the appearance of under-eye circles
  • stimulates collagen production 
  • protects against sun damage
  • it generally helps boost wound healing
  • brightens the skin 
  • balancing oily skin 


Vitamin E: is most commonly known for its benefits for skin health and appearance. It can be applied to your face to reduce inflammation and make your skin look younger. 

Astaxanthin: Astaxanthin has been shown in clinical studies to increase skin moisture, moisture retention, elasticity, as well as promote skin smoothness, decreasing fine lines and wrinkles. ... Astaxanthin has a incredible UV-blocking purpose, which helps to assist the skin in protecting itself against sun-related damage. 

Sodium Hyaluronate: enhance the appearance of damaged or dry skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness. In addition, it mimics hyaluronic acid produced naturally by the body. It's non-irritating to skin and is usually well tolerated even by people with sensitive skin. 

Arbutin: has a brighting effect on the skin. It's generally safe for all skin types, and even can be used twice a day. Arbutin is a molecule extracted from the bearberry plant that prevents the formation of melanin. 

Tea Polyphenol:  is a potent skin-care ingredient. Applied topically, polyphenol can help repair and rejuvenate your skin, says Mraz-Robinson. Studies have shown that using polyphenols on your skin can protect it from cancer and other forms of sun damage. 

Propylene glycol: humectant, which means it binds water and pulls in hydration to the outer skin layer, it helps give the skin a hydrated, dewy appearance.

Betaine: also called trimethylglycine, is a simple, small molecule naturally found in and derived from the sugar beet (Beta vulgaris), from which it gets its name. Some studies have shown that Betaine assists with anti-aging and skin protection. 

Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate: restores skin flexibility, and improves dry and damaged skin. Anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and soothing skinfunctions.

Allantoin: in organic form, allantoin is found in several plants. Allantoin is considered an effective moisturizing ingredient. And its gentle, non-irritating qualities make it an excellent addition to anti-aging products for those with sensitive or easily irritated skin.  

Hydroxyethyl Cellulose: is a plant-derived amino acid used as a preservative, emulsifier, binder and thickener in beauty products.

Xanthan Gum,  is a natural and organic ingredient for skincare and is thought to have some hydrating benefits for the skin.

Diazolidinylurea: is a fine white powder, and it prevents or retards bacterial growth, 

Methylparaben: is an antifungal and preservative. Because it is easily absorbed through the skin and is generally considered non-irritating. 

Ethoxylated Hydrogenated Castor Oil: acting as a barrier against the loss of natural moisture.

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid Disodium Salt: this helps to prevent the Gold Serum Elixir from deteriorating. It allows for better cleaning use, as it enables cosmetic products to foam.

Butanedione: is a natural by-product of fermentation. 

Heliotropine: is an organic compound with a sweet fragrance reminiscent of vanilla and almond. In the pure state they are colorless to pale yellow crystals, which are slightly soluble in water.

Vanilla: has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to soothe and calm irritated skin. Vanilla has been used to reduce skin infections and in wound healing.